Sustainable Crafted by us –  Loved and Desired by you

Sustainable Crafted by us – Loved and Desired by you

We launched Pssbl, because we wanted to create the best equipment for your daily urban explorations! Things you LOVE .. SUSTAINABLE and simply looking GOOD.

Creating sustainable products is crucial for Pssbl, because we see sustainability as essential and not as a trend or a duty. This starts with a long-lasting design, continues with recycled or even better natural material for our fabrics and trimmings, includes careful and social manufacturing and of course ends with responsible and reduced packaging.

The product design follows our urban requirements and led us to our collaboration with Factor Product in Munich, well-known design agency for the outdoor sports industry. Together we developed highly functional and performance-oriented products in a sleek and understated look – fitting the urban environment and needs. With the minimalistic design the Pssbl products do not only represent contemporary urban language but also keep up to date for a long time – protecting our nature and your wallet.

To make this happen, we strive for sustainable productions through our collaborations with great people and manufacturers around the world.

We source and produce in Asia and we are proud of it. We are not sourcing and manufacturing in Asia because of low working conditions and salaries, but because of the fact that the leading suppliers and manufacturers are located there. Nowhere else, is it possible to find such great materials and high-quality manufacturing for our industry. We tried to find partners in Europe, but through the shift of the majority of outdoor apparel and gear production to Asia decades ago, it is impossible to find comparable partners in Europe which fulfill our high requirements. Of course, all our suppliers and manufacturing partners and hold certifications proofing high standards in terms of working conditions, environmental protection and proper labour payments.

We are sourcing as many parts of our bags as possible from recycled or biodegradable materials – always with a focus on quality and efficiency.
Our fabrics are made in Taiwan out of 100% recycled PET and/or Nylon. This material reduces burdens on our environment without compromising on quality, look and feel. Instead of being burned or disposed to landfills, used drinking bottles or old fishing gear are collected, sorted by color and washed, crushed into flakes and finally processed into pellets. This new raw material is then processed into polyester fibers and spun into yarn. Thereof results in high quality functional and smooth fabric for our Pssbl bags.

We are currently working on the new Pssbl collection striving for natural fabrics only with the goal to go “no plastic” hopefully from next year on.

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