Sustainability at Pssbl

Sustainability at Pssbl

Sustainability is for us essential and not a trend or a duty. At Pssbl, we want to leave a positive footprint — and if we can make something better, we will. We strive for one of the most sustainable productions and participate in upcycling of used and collected plastic for our fabrics. We think of sustainability as a holistic circle that never stops turning!

As a modern and caring brand, we are consciously aware of our social and ecological responsibility and actively shape the future. We are committed to finding innovative ways to conserve resources and build on fair partnerships with customers, suppliers and employees.

Taking care of our planet is one of our key concerns and taken into consideration from design, in the choice of fabric, in production and logistics. Pssbl stands for timeless and long-lasting design, high quality material and efficient material usage.

Social Responsibility means for us taking care of everybody involved in the production of our bags and accessories. Thus, improving working conditions in our global supply chain is an essential topic for us. We only work with partner we trust, and that are certified from external agencies in regard of fair and social working conditions on-site. Our manufacturing partner is member of amfori BSCI, thus follows their code of conduct, which is an eleven-point charter. This charter not only covers comprehensive worker protection, but also health and safety provisions and workplace equality. Protection against child labour is also part of the Code of Conduct providing appropriate training measures for young people. Working closely together with our suppliers we ensure that the extensive criteria for the certification are continuously implemented and that the manufacturing process fully complies with the amfori BSCI Code of Conduct.

Fabrics and Materials
We’re using only recycled fabrics and try to source as many parts of our bags from recycled materials – always with a focus on quality and efficiency.

Our fabrics are made out of 100% recycled PET. This material reduces burdens on the environment without compromising on quality, look and feel. Instead of being burned, used drinking bottles are collected, sorted by colour and washed. After this the bottles are crushed and the thereof resulting PET-flakes are heated and pressed into dense pellets. This raw material is then processed into polyester fibres and spun into yarn. Thereof results high quality fabric as ecologically sound basis for durable Pssbl bags.


The purposeful reuse prevents plastics from ending up in landfills and oceans – where they take about 450 years to biodegrade. Studies show that recycling polyester uses above 50% less energy and cut down CO2 emissions by about to the same extent compared to virgin polyester. In order to ensure responsible social and environmental practices and chemical usage throughout the entire production, Pssbl requires all its suppliers for recycled PET yarns to comply with the Global Recycled Standard.

Our environmental focus does not stop with sourcing our fabrics. We only work with partners, that guarantee environmentally friendly dying, coating & gluing, so sustainability does not stop on the first step. It’s important for us to deliver you quality products and safety. Thus, we continually verify that the products adhere to strict quality requirements right from the moment they’re produced to when they are sold. Our products are comprehensively tested in order to ensure that the materials are up to the challenge of everyday wear and tear, correspond to the applicable legal provisions and are free from hazardous substances.

Shipping ands Logistics
For us sustainability does not end with the final product. We are using DHL GoGreen for our delivery, to make sure our transport ways are CO2 neutral. Of course our packaging is made from recycled material and includes 100% recyclable Micro-Pak® stickers rather than regular anti-mold bags, as a safe and effective method for preventing mold during transportation and storage. Through our registration at LUCID and participating in the recycling system of Zmart, Pssbl further plays an active role in the resource-saving handling of packaging material. We meet our responsibility and contribute towards financing the recycling process, allowing our customers to consciously dispose of the product packaging free of charge.

The above-mentioned efforts demonstrate that we have achieved a lot already and take responsibility for the social and ecological environment in all divisions of the company.

But the engagement for cleaner oceans is a special topic close to everybody’s heart at Pssbl. Raising awareness for fighting plastic pollution and helping our oceans is a core value in our corporate sustainability strategy. We want to make a change with a significant part of our profit and manpower, and even initiated our own activities to help to make the world a better and more sustainable place.

This all with the long-term vision to lose our raw material – plastic garbage that mostly ends up in our rivers and oceans!

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