Pssbl – Committed to Modern Urban Life

Pssbl – Committed to Modern Urban Life

The idea of Pssbl was born 2017 in Hong Kong, when the core team still lived in Asia. The beat and the spirit of this buzzling urban jungle has strongly influenced our idea for a new brand.

We were - and still are - fascinated by our urban environment, the people who live in the cities, the mix of cultures and colourful minds and our idea was to find the right equipment for the daily explorations of people like us – the people living and loving urban life.

Moving around, exploring new places, checking out the hidden things of the city – rather taking the extra mile than just the short cut. We value the small things along the way that make us happy - architecture, a surprising view, the sunlight breaking through the space between some building, the graffiti at the wall, the merchant in front of the store or just the squirrel crossing the square. A short moment … but with a big impact.

Urban life and exploration is the heart of our culture.

We live urban life to the fullest. Confident, explorative, and enjoyable. We set our own rules and decide “the where, the when, and the how”. Pssbl is urban culture with the attitude – yes, we can!

Today all of us are back in Europe and we put up our tent in Berlin. A city quite different from the Asian metropole areas, but as fascinating. We simply love the urban space! And we still see the need for the right urban gear.

The idea was to create functional and practical perfect products, all committed to the needs, opportunities and colors that define our cities and urban life. To provide you products to get the best out of your urban life.

The outcome: everyday favorites. Contemporary, functional urban work wear – sustainably made. Minimalistic design, functional with a little twist. Affordable, smart and sustainably made for the evolving needs of everyday urban life.

And we think bigger: we see Pssbl as a platform which is meant to inspire, motivate and engage. A destination for the creative class. The atmosphere and the energy of the cities give us motivation and empowers our creativity and inspiration.

Urban life is great!

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