Protect our Oceans – the Pssbl E4 Strategy

Protect our Oceans – the Pssbl E4 Strategy

Standing up for the Oceans has been as much a matter very close to Pssbl’s heart as creating the perfect urban gear.

Over the past decade, our oceans changed to the worst, and the people living along rivers and coastlines around the world are the most impacted ones by plastic pollution. They are swamped with plastic garbage, most of them without the knowledge and infrastructure to stand up against it. Up to now, 90% of the plastics ever produced have not been degraded or recycled, yet production of plastic packaging, single-use plastic and careless usage of plastic is still increasing and ending up in our rivers and oceans. With the prediction that in 2050 there will be 12 billion tonnes of plastic waste in natural environments – more than fish


Actively cleaning the polluted beaches, rivers and oceans, and massively changing our present plastic consumption, that’s what we understand as responsible modern behaviour.

Core of our own engagement are the regular clean-ups and our education program in Cambodia.

Our Eco Warriors in Cambodia are a group of more than 100 young motivated people from the rural villages around Tonlé Sap and the rural mountain area, who are participating in our clean-ups, and spread the word in their local homes, motivating other young people and standing for the new plastic-free future in Cambodia. To fight for the cause, raise awareness and motivate others.

All of us need education about plastic pollution, plastic alternatives and recycling. Education is a very essential part in fighting plastic! Many People, in particular in remote areas, are not aware of the facts. They need information about the health issues caused through plastic, have to be taught about alternatives, recycling options. Without education the change will and cannot happen!

"Extra Value"
Creation of an Extra Value through fighting plastic pollution is essential. Up- and re-cycling of the collected plastic and turning it into beautiful new things, such as our Pssbl bags, can change the attitude of people towards collection of plastic. Also the setup of new infrastructure in rural areas – such as better access to recycling facilities and garbage bins – can be an extra value for the rural population. It provides the people a cleaner environment, and can open new opportunities to generate income for the community through selling plastic garbage to collectors.

The Rice4Plastic project was a big extra value for the rural communities as well. It showed them that collecting plastic and taking care of the environment can as well have a direct positive impact by exchanging the collected plastic for rice.

We are convinced, change can only happen, if all four "E" are considered and can raise each other to higher power.

It’s Pssbl to make a Difference.

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