Meet our Eco Warriors

Meet our Eco Warriors

We’ve been searching quite some time for the “right” project to match our ideas for a social and environmental project. Of course every little step to improve people’s life and the future of our planet is right. There is no wrong, when trying to save our planet and the people living on it.

But we were looking for a project with a plan for a long-term impact.

Most environmental projects we looked into, had a clear focus short-term activities, such clean-ups, rather than a long term strategy to reduce plastic consumption. But then we met Sophal and his Eco Warriors from NGO2 in Siem Reap, Cambodia.

Raise awareness and motivate others

Together with NGO2 we kicked off the Pssbl "E4 Strategy" (link to Protect our Oceans) in Siem Reap and at the Tonlé Sap Lake, which is one of the main pollutants of the Mekong River, one of the top three rivers in the world "feeding" the oceans with plastic. “E4” standing for Eco Warriors, Education, Engagement and Extra-Value.

The core of this project is to strengthen the so-called "Eco Warriors", a local force of more than 100 enthusiastic young people from different small villages around Tonlé Sap and the rural mountain area, who help us to realize our long-term strategy in fighting the plastic pollution. We educate them about the plastic issue and how to solve it – then they are off on "mission Pssbl" to their local villages and schools, helping to educate current and future generations.

In the villages they share their knowledge with the others, organize clean-ups and set-up recycling hubs to collect household plastics for recycling.

Together with our Eco Warriors, the village chief of Kampong Khleang we are working on several projects around Tonlé Sap Lake, to close the "E4 Circle".

It’s Pssbl to make a difference.

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