Handmade with Love

Handmade with Love

We are proud to manufacture our new products in Slubice, Poland, in a small familly-owned tailoring. Through handmade craftsmanship, rather than relying on mass production or factory workers, our products maintain a personal touch and it ensures attention to detail in the production process.

Magdalena and her 15 ladies still cut and sew by hand, and create each of our new Pssbl products individually with love. When we title our products “Made with love" is not just blah blah, it’s genuine care and passion they put into creating each of our products. This results in higher quality and unique items and responsibly crafted products – for humans and nature.

By supporting local tailors, Pssbl is contributing to the local economy and fostering a sense of community. Additionally, opting for tailors over factory workers can also promote fair and safe working conditions, as family-run businesses tend to have more control and accountability over their production processes. This aligns with Pssbl's commitment to ethical and sustainable practices throughout our supply chain.

Choosing handmade production in Poland also means shorter transportation routes, which can help reduce the carbon footprint associated with long-distance transportation of goods. This aligns with our goal of promoting sustainability and minimizing Pssbl’s environmental impact.

Pssbl products – made with love!

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